Soil, Sand & Mulch. Installed.

At PMB, we supply, deliver and install bulk materials, providing an all-inclusive service to a diverse range of industries. With our state-of-the-art blower and slinger trucks, we can safely and efficiently install mulch, soil, sand and gravel in even the most challenging locations. Based in Perth, we have the capability to manage projects of any scale anywhere in WA.

PMB Delivers Solutions

Versatile and innovative, our technology can be used for a wide variety of applications to replace ineffective and time-consuming processes. Our trucks have the capacity to install large volumes of materials across expansive areas, while minimising the risks associated with manual operations and moving plant.

Commercial Landscaping

Offering a cost-effective alternative to manual labour, our expert team deliver high quality results with speed and precision. From public open spaces to streetscapes and rooftops, our blow in mulch and soil services can be adapted to suit the requirements of your landscaping project.

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Local Government

We provide low impact garden mulching and playground maintenance solutions for parks, reserves and other green spaces under local government stewardship.  By using our blower and slinger trucks, we’re able to eliminate the risk of environmental damage, delivering high-quality outcomes while ensuring the safety of the general public.

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Civil Construction, Utilities & Mining

Our slinger truck provides a safety focussed solution that streamlines complex, multiphase processes. It enables us to quickly and safely complete backfilling, topsoiling and gravel spreading works at civil, utility and mining sites across the state.

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Our all-in-one service offers a convenient solution for schools and local councils requiring playground construction and maintenance works. With the flexibility to operate outside of schooling hours, we can manage the supply, delivery and installation of all your playground sand and softfall mulch needs.

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Our Clients

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Our Services

Our blower and slinger trucks can safely and efficiently install mulch, soil, sand and gravel in areas of all shapes and sizes. To provide an exceptional outcome, we only use premium quality materials from the best suppliers and manufacturers in Perth. As we maintain large reserves of each product at our local depot, we are able to expedite delivery and installation as required.

Mulch Blowing

We offer a range of blow in mulch varieties to enable you to achieve your desired aesthetic. Each product has been selected for quality and uniformity, ensuring fast and precise blow in installation for a seamless result.

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Soil Blowing

From garden beds to roof gardens, we supply soil that’s appropriate for any application. We offer a general soil mix as well as lightweight options for rooftop gardens up to 25 storeys in height.

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Slinger Services

Our slinger truck is purpose built for the bulk installation of gravel, sand and other heavy materials. At the rate of 1 tonne per minute, it can reach over large obstacles to install materials in vast areas.

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Why Use Our Technology?

From preventing compaction of landscaped areas to overcoming accessibility challenges, our blower and slinger trucks offer numerous benefits across many applications.


  • OSH compliant
  • Eliminates manual labour
  • Minimises moving plant risks
  • Manages uneven surfaces and height risks


  • Blow in 90m3 of mulch per day
  • Equivalent to 900 wheelbarrows
  • Blow in 50-75m3 of soil per day
  • Slinger installs 1 tonne per minute


  • Reduce manual labour costs
  • Minimise need for traffic management
  • Less reliance on heavy machinery and moving plant
  • Complete projects at a faster rate, without more staff

Why Choose PMB?

We are Perth’s one-stop shop for landscape and construction materials, offering a complete solution that includes supply, delivery, installation and site clean-up. As one of the first in WA to provide the slinger service, we are in a unique position to provide significant support to major projects. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete even the most complex works.

  • All-In-One Solution
  • State of the Art Machinery
  • Local Perth Business
  • Professional Approach
  • Knowledgeable Team
  • Backed by Experience

Contact PMB Today

Our blower and slinger trucks can be adapted to many different applications, providing effective, streamlined material placement solutions. We’re here to support projects of all sizes by tailoring our service to meet your needs.

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