Are you tired of the hassle and disruption every time you need to mulch your Strata Gardens?

When it comes to strata garden maintenance, you need to work with professional companies that make your job easier.

We provide mulch supply and installation, a key component of strata gardening services – fast, efficiently and without disruption to your tenants and residents, thanks to our specialised slinger truck and mulch blower trucks.

No mess, no fuss and no damage to the property or existing strata gardens – just tidy and good-looking gardens.

We work with:

  • Strata Maintenance Providers (in house)

  • Property Management Companies

  • Gardening Companies – if outside of their capacity/capabilities

  • Strata Councils/boards of owners

  • Operations Managers/Facilities Manager

We understand the unique challenges of strata sites – our services deliver:

Safer Properties and Residents

One of the most common issues with bigger projects like re-mulching the garden beds is damage to hardscaping like pathways and garden edging, not to mention the risk posed to residents while the work is being undertaken.

The last thing you want on a strata site is a team of gardeners pushing wheelbarrows around the property on multiple trips or driving a bobcat or other small machinery across gardens, paths and in the way of residents while mulching the gardens.

Our team understand your safety concerns. That’s why we use our specialised slinger truck and mulch blower trucks to park safely offsite and out of the way of pedestrians.

Minimised Disruption & Costs

We all want the outcome, but nobody wants to put up with the disruption. That’s why we can also complete your Maintenance Mulching works on the weekend and outside normal business hours, so your clients and tenants won’t be inconvenienced.

At PMB, we don’t just complete projects safer than standard manual labour and wheelbarrows, we complete them faster. Our blower truck has the capacity to install over 90m3 of mulch per day – in comparison, installing that same amount using wheelbarrows would take days of non-stop labour. This ensures significant time and cost savings while keeping your residents happy with minimal disruption to their day.

Tidier Sites

No need for unsightly stockpiles of mulch or soil that cause mess and compact the ground on the lawn or garden areas with PMB.

Our blower trucks park safely off-site, holding large quantities of the required materials so the strata property stays tidy and un-touched throughout installation.

Higher Quality Products

If you are investing in your strata gardens, you want to make sure that the products are not just installed professionally, but are of a high quality that will get you the best value for your budget.

Thanks to our relationships with preferred suppliers, we are able to source top-quality soil and mulch products that we know will be good for your gardens and the health of your plants.

All the products we supply are Australian Standard compliant and free of contaminants, selected for their high degree of uniformity and water retention capabilities.

Delivering a Variety of Products for Strata Gardens

While mulching is the most common of our strata garden maintenance services, we can also supply, deliver and install:

  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Gravels
  • Soft Fall Mulch (for Playgrounds)

With a single truck, we can complete projects that would otherwise require the use of various equipment and heavy machinery, plus higher labour costs.

Partner with us for your Strata Garden Maintenance

For safer, more efficient mulch and material installation for your strata property maintenance, give our team a call to discuss your project requirements.