Perth Materials Blowing Services

At PMB, our goal is to blow you away with our expertise, equipment and efficiency. We quickly and conveniently add the finishing touches to your landscaping, grounds or facilities maintenance project. Let us handle delivery and installation of soil, mulch or gravel for your next project.

Why Perth Materials Blowing Service Is Better?

We take the hassle out of any project with hard to reach spaces or access issues. We can reach areas up to 20 storeys high and up to 200 metres distance (limitations apply). Restricted entrances are no problem with our hose pipe that delivers the material to your designated area easily and safely.

We do the back-breaking work of installing mulch, soil, aggregate or gravels so that you don’t have to. Blowing reduces OH&S risks of repetitive, heavy manual labor. Perth Materials Blowing can spread your materials faster and more evenly, with less labor and equipment cost to you.

We save you time with less mess. We can supply and blow in heavy and large volumes in the same day. By clustering jobs of the same product, PMB can blow material into several of your sites. Truck blowing ensures broad, even coverage without messy clean-up later.

Want the best value?

Bulk delivery with fast installation

Wide coverage in less time. Large areas. Tight spaces. Elevated locations.

What Services Does Perth Materials Blowing Offer?


200m max installation distance

15–20m³ max output per hour

High Quality, uniform. No large chunks or sticks (greater than 50mm in diameter or 100mm in length)

No contaminants (such as bricks or concrete)

No palm material


120–150m max distance

10–15m³ max output per hour

25 storeys max installation height

Low mineral, high organic content


Moderately moist, not wet or dry

Aggregate & Gravel

100m max installation distance

10m³ max output per hour

Screened & washed

No fines component



Efficient coverage.

Blowing mulch is a tidy alternative to shovelling mulch from a large pile staged on site. PMB will arrive to your site fully loaded and ready to blow you away with our quick, even coverage. Forget about the mess of dumped mulch. No more labour intensive installation.

Reach difficult areas

Truck blowing mulch provides a clean, fast and efficient alternative to conventional labour-intensive installation methods. PMB can fill anything from planter boxes to rooftop gardens using only quality products for exceptional plant growth.

Fast and safe

Access is one of the problems with installing gravel or other drainage media. Our gravel blowing service is a more efficient solution. PMB can supply and install a range of gravel products, including blue metal, to make your project stand out.

Industrial Specialty Projects

PMB blower trucks have a wide range of applications in industrial processes beyond the landscaping industry. Perth Materials Blowing can work with you to get your project completed quickly, efficiently and safely.

Need a blower truck service for your project?

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