As a WALGA preferred supplier, PMB is the leading provider of mulch blowing services to WA local governments.

We offer professional bulk material placement solutions, specialising in the supply, delivery and installation of mulch. Using innovative technology, we safely and efficiently place mulch, soil, sand and gravel in a wide range of locations, while minimising environmental impact.

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Safe Materials Installation

Our class-leading machinery is an ideal substitution for the manual or loader installation of mulch for the safety-conscious organisation.

Our blower truck arrives on-site already loaded, removing the moving plant risks associated with using a loader to install material.

Unlike a loader, the blower truck is also able to install mulch around established plants, removing any need to rely on staff to manually install material.

With all the moving parts hidden away inside the machinery, PMB’s blower truck is a safe option for you, your staff and the general public.

Low Impact. High Output.

As our installation process is minimally invasive, we are able to prevent soil compaction and protect the root structures of trees and lawn.

Rather than repeatedly treading across landscaped areas with heavy wheelbarrows, we can position our trucks as far as 200m away from the installation site to quickly and easily place materials.

Our low impact approach also prevents incidental damage to irrigation systems, signage and turf.

Blower Truck

Slinger Truck


  • 90m3 of mulch per day
  • 220m max distance


  • 50-75m3 of soil per day
  • Up to 25 storeys high
  • 120m max distance


  • Up to 1,000t installed per-day when reloading on-site


  • Up to 1,000t installed per-day when reloading on-site

Our Capabilities & Experience

Backed by 20 years’ experience, our knowledgeable team has the capability to scale our services to suit the needs of your project.

From parks and reserves to streetscapes and urban gardens, we’re able to manage any landscaping construction or maintenance project across WA.

We have a tender contract relationship with the City of Subiaco and ongoing relationships with:

  • City of Gosnells
  • City of South Perth
  • Town of Victoria Park
  • City of Perth
  • City of Canning

As we provide an all-in-one solution, your organisation can rely on us to supply premium quality materials, deliver on time and provide an outcome that exceeds expectations.

Contact PMB Today

As experts in bulk materials, we can provide you with an all-inclusive solution that’s tailored to your project requirements. Given the versatility of our blower and slinger trucks, we’re able to adapt our service to a wide range of applications.

Get in contact with us today for all your bulk landscape material needs.