Pool Backfilling

Do you need a Pool Backfilling service? Are you decommissioning a pool? Let us show you how to save time & resources.

When it comes to backfilling a pool, using our Slinger is the cheapest & fastest alternative, handling the entire job in hours, not days.

For your pool backfill, we complete the backfilling and topsoiling works on time, sourcing the best sand, gravel & aggregates or soil for the job.

We offer a safe & cost-effective alternative to manual labour, excavators, bobcats & loaders – our Slinger does all the heavy lifting for you in less time with less mess.

Bulk Materials Installation

Using our state-of-the-art slinger truck, we’re able to safely and efficiently install large volumes of sand, gravel and other materials as required.

As one of the first in Perth to provide the slinger service, we are in a unique position to provide significant support to major projects.

We can supply, deliver and install bulk materials for landscaping and construction projects across WA.

Effective On-site Solutions

Commonplace on worksites in eastern Australia and the USA, slinger trucks are suited to quickly completing trench filling, backfilling and topsoiling works for civil construction, utility and mining projects. It is also ideal for use on commercial and government landscaping projects that require bulk materials delivery and installation.

With the capacity to install 1 tonne per minute up to 30m from the truck, our slinger truck can install almost any material up to 75mm in size.

This versatile machine uses a remote-controlled boom fitted with multiple high-speed conveyor belts to reach over large obstacles to place materials in locations with accessibility challenges.

Streamline On-Site Processes

With a single slinger truck, we can easily complete on-site processes that would otherwise require the use of various equipment and heavy machinery.

Our service removes the need for costly manual labour and reduces traffic management time, providing a safe solution that reduces moving plant risks, lowering OSH concerns.

As we’re geared to undertake large scale works with speed and precision, we’re also able to shorten project timelines, ensuring you meet PC every time.

Why Choose PMB?

Backed by 20 years’ experience, our professional team has the knowledge and expertise to adapt our slinger service to suit a diverse range of project requirements.

As we offer one of the only slinger trucks available in Perth, we provide a complete solution that includes material procurement, supply, delivery and installation.

With specialist training and a proven track record, we consistently deliver effective results for projects all over WA.

Contact PMB Today

When you choose to rely on our expert team, you can rest assured that you will receive an exceptional outcome. We have the capability to manage projects of varying scale and can overcome even the most complex project challenges. If you also require mulch or soil placement, we can handle all of your materials needs through the use of our blower truck service.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.