Precise Installation Solutions

We support civil construction, utilities and mining projects with innovative solutions that are designed to streamline complex on-site processes. Our professional team is experienced in completing backfilling and topsoiling works on time and under budget.

By using our slinger truck, we’re able to safely and efficiently install sand, gravel and other aggregate for a wide range of applications across WA.

Slinger Truck Capabilities

In the hands of our experienced team, our slinger truck can quickly and precisely place large volumes of material at rates up to 1 tonne per minute, at a maximum distance of 30m from the machine.

Versatile and adaptable, our slinger truck can be used to complete the following works:

  • Topsoiling
  • Roadside embankments
  • Pipeline filling
  • Drainage filling
  • Tank installation
  • Trench filling
  • Bioretention media installation

As our slinger truck is best suited to installing heavier materials, we also offer a blower truck to handle any much or soil requirements.

Safe Installation Process

While topsoiling and filling works have traditionally been completed using a combination of excavators, loaders, skid steers and other equipment, we can deploy a single slinger truck to simplify and speed up the entire process. Offering a modern alternative, we minimise moving plant risks and remove the need for manual labour, mitigating any health and safety risks associated with strenuous, physical activities.

Fast & Cost-Effective Solution

By streamlining the installation process, we’re able to significantly shorten project timelines and reduce overhead costs. With the ability to operate far quicker than traditional methods, a slinger truck will also reduce the need for costly traffic management services. For large scale projects, our highly skilled team can quickly and easily reload our trucks on site, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

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Our industry-leading machinery can be tailored to suit your specific project needs to provide a time and cost saving solution. Backed by more than 20 years’ experience, our professional team can assist with any scale of project across civil construction, utilities and mining in WA.

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