Perth’s Soil Blowing Experts

We provide an all-in-one soil blowing solution, managing supply, delivery and installation for a diverse range of projects across WA.

Specialising in bulk soil delivery and placement for commercial purposes, we use our state-of-the-art blower truck to install soil in even the most challenging locations.

Safe, fast and precise, our soil blowing service provides an effective, modern alternative to traditional installation processes.

Our Soil Blowing Solutions

Ideal for landscaping and construction projects, our blower truck can install soil in any location to a maximum distance of 120m away from the vehicle.

Using hoses and a pneumatic system to install material, we can safely work around obstacles, through finished buildings and reach rooftops up to 25 storeys high.

In the hands of our experienced team, a single blower truck can be used to replace a range of heavy machinery, while minimising the need for manual labour.

Why Use Soil Blowing

With the capacity to install 50-75m3 per day, soil blowing can provide significant time and cost savings to your project.

Removing the need to manually install soil, our blower truck reduces on site OSH risks and speeds up the entire installation process.

By reducing the number of workers required on site, removing the need for a large mobile crane, and reducing traffic management requirements, soil blowing provides a cost-effective solution that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Premium Soil Products

We supply premium soil mixes with low mineral, high organic content that can be used in planter boxes, garden beds, lawns, landscaped areas and more.

For rooftop gardens, we recommend a lightweight soil variety, while all other projects can use a general soil mix.

Australian standard AS4419 certified, our soil products are sourced from the best manufacturers and suppliers in Perth.

Contact PMB Today

For all your soil delivery and blowing needs, contact our professional team today. Backed by more than 20 years’ experience, we have a proven track record for managing projects of varying scale across WA. Our blower truck also has the capability to install mulch as needed, while our slinger truck can be used to place heavier materials such as sand and gravel if required.

Contact us today to find a materials placement solution for your project.