Perth’s Mulch Blowing Specialists

At PMB, we provide an all-inclusive mulching service, handling the supply, delivery and installation for landscaping construction and maintenance projects across WA.

By using our state-of-the-art blower truck, we can quickly install large volumes of mulch with precision, offering a safe and cost-effective alternative to manual labour.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we have a proven track record for adapting our services to suit the requirements of any project.

PMB Mulch Solutions

We work with commercial landscapers, local government and facility managers, providing streamlined maintenance solutions with significant time and cost saving benefits.

From playgrounds to nature reserves and public open spaces, we can safely and efficiently install mulch for a wide range of applications.

Utilising a pneumatic system coupled with hoses of various lengths, our blower truck can be used in even the most challenging locations, including rooftops and other hard to access areas.

Benefits of Mulch Blowing

Fast, precise and effective, our blower truck has the capacity to install over 90m3 of mulch per day to a maximum distance of 220m. To manually move the same volume of material across even half of that distance, a labourer would need to walk a wheelbarrow back and forth for a total of 180km, stretching the entire process out over a series of days.

By removing the need for manual labour, our innovative technology can help you meet timelines, reduce cost and minimise workplace health and safety risks.

As we position the truck away from the installation site, we’re also able to protect the surrounding environment, preventing incidental damage and root-zone compaction.

Premium Mulch Products

We’ve sourced premium mulch products from the best suppliers and manufacturers in Perth to ensure we can provide you with the highest quality results.

To help you achieve your desired aesthetic, we offer a wide range of mulch varieties, including;

  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Bushland Mulch
  • PMB Enviro-Mulch
  • Aquamor Boutique Mulch
  • Jarrah Woodchip Mulch
  • Marri Woodchip Mulch
  • Black Mulch

Australian Standard compliant and free of contaminants, each type of mulch has been selected for its high degree of uniformity and water retention capabilities.

We retain bulk volumes of most products on hand at our Perth depot, ready to deliver to your site as required.

If your specified mulch isn’t listed above, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Given the versatility of our technology, we’re able to provide materials placement solutions to landscaping projects of all shapes and sizes. When there is a need to install heavier materials such as sand or gravel, we can deploy our slinger truck, while our blower truck can also be used for soil placement.

Get in contact with our team today to discuss your project.