Massive Mulch Installation At Cinnabar Loop, Byford

  • Client: Landscape & Maintenance Solutions
  • Location: Cinnabar Loop, Byford
  • Budget: $35,000
  • Date: November 2020
  • Service: Mulch Blowing

The Project

When the Cinnabar Loop Public Open Space (POS) needed to be prepared for handover to Local Council management – all mulched garden beds needed a 50mm top-up.
Sounds easy, but thanks to a tricky location, it was either thousands of wheelbarrow loads or PMB’s specialist blower trucks and expert team – so guess who was the best choice for the job? 

The Challenge

This job presented multiple challenges, both off and onsite.
Administration-wise, the client was looking for a high-quality service within a reasonable budget. In addition, the deadline for handover to LGA management was fast approaching.

Operationally, the location was tricky. Garden beds onsite were full of mature plants, making it impossible to access most areas using a bobcat loader. Without PMB’s specialist equipment and efficient teams, manually moving in the mulch with wheelbarrows would have been the only option.

As Cinnabar Loop is an area of parkland open to the public, safety was even more of a concern than it would be on a closed construction site. 

The scope of the job was massive — at 50mm deep, 400m3 of mulch was required. Without the help of PMB, over 4,000 wheelbarrow loads of mulch would have needed to be installed by hand! This could have taken weeks, and been at a heavy labour cost to the client. 

Not only was this a huge job, but the timeframe was tight. Between other tasks needing to be done onsite like pruning, weed slashing and spraying, mulching and replanting, PMB’s teams needed to be efficient to get everything done in time for the handover.

Our Solution

Using PMB’s blower trucks, our skilled staff installed 400m3 of PMB Enviro-Mulch in just three days. This lightning-fast turnaround was only possible because of our specialised equipment and experienced staff on the job.

To start, we planned out the execution of this project ahead of time, ensuring that we arrived on-site with a plan to execute.

Using over 150m of hosing, we could access all areas of the site by parking in only two positions, ensuring that no damage was caused to any internal footpaths. 

Our highly experienced staff installed the mulch with precision, avoiding damage to garden beds, plants and other aspects of the site. 

After the work was completed, PMB blitzed through the cleanup in no time. All plants, footpaths and adjacent turf were swept clean, leaving the area looking top-notch!

The Result

PMB delivered the perfect “turn-key solution”, taking responsibility for every aspect of the mulching works, from mulch supply through to clean-up.
Aside from the initial preparation of the site, our client, LMS, barely had to lift a finger! 

LMS was thrilled with the result, with the Cinnabar Loop Public Open Space (POS) successfully handed over to the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale without incident.

Can we help you with a major project?

PMB have the skills and specialised equipment necessary to get the job done.

We have extensive experience with government processes, including maintenance handover — we’ll make sure everything is done to the deadline and compliant with your LGA’s requirements.

Don’t waste your labour on a major project like this! PMB can deliver an all-in-one solution, handling everything from installation to cleanup. 

To find out more about how we can help you complete your mulching and landscaping projects, call ​​1300 616 134 or get in touch via our website today.

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