3,500 Wheelbarrows of Mulch Installed in 4 Days

  • Client: ABM Landscaping (on behalf of the City of Stirling)
  • Location: Carine Regional Open Space
  • Budget: <$20,000
  • Date: June 2020
  • Service: Mulch Blowing
  • Product: Mulch

The Project

Perth Materials Blowing was brought in by ABM Landscaping to install 350m3 of supplied Boutique Mulch to the revegetation garden located within the Carine Regional Open Space parkland.

The Challenge

With multiple challenges, including location, access, and safety, Perth Materials Blowing were chosen for the unique capabilities of our state-of-the-art blower truck. 

Some of the challenges included:

– Minimal access. The closest access point was 200m away from the furthest point of the revegetation area.

– Volume & timeline. A large volume of mulching material needed installing across a wide area, with a four-day deadline.

– Safety. As this was during the school holidays, the increased volume of pedestrian traffic meant that works needed to be completed with the highest consideration of public safety. 

– Existing vegetation. The mulch needed to be installed around existing plants throughout the area, without causing damage or impacting on their health.  

The PMB Solution

PMB carefully measured the site before commencing work, which ensured that mulch was spread to the required depth, 50-75mm deep, evenly across the area. 

Thanks to the capabilities of our blower truck, we were able to access even the most challenging and distant areas of the garden, using over 250m of hose to reach even the furthest required areas. By stockpiling mulch on the site in-bulk, our blower truck was reloaded constantly during installation for non-stop productivity. 

The precision of the blower also enabled our teams to efficiently and carefully install the mulch around all existing plants, minimising any impact on their health.  

Pedestrians were also taken care of, with the use of our pedestrian ramp allowing the public to continue to use the footpaths despite the works during the four days. 

The Result

The project was completed on time and on budget, with minimal disruption to the public and existing vegetation – and was left clean and freshly-mulched, ready for its new season of growth.

Can we help?

Do your projects require bulk material installation that is too time-consuming or challenging to complete the traditional way?

Perth Materials Blowing can safely and efficiently install mulch, soil, sand, and gravel in even the most challenging locations – taking the load off your skilled workers. 

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