No More Site Access Problems

  • Location: East Fremantle
  • Client: Sustainable Garden Design Perth
  • Date: May, 2020
  • Service: Slinger
  • Product: Landscaping Soil Mix

The Project

The team at  Sustainable Garden Design Perth was creating a brand new garden for their clients in East Fremantle and brought us in to help deliver and install a reasonable volume (9m3) of Landscapers Soil Mix.

The Challenge

The new retaining walls had already been build by the time Sustainable Garden Design Perth arrived on-site. With these already completed, access to the front garden was very limited. Wheelbarrow access was via a narrow pathway and up a set of stairs; a walk of around 40m. That all of the walls have been rendered added to this concern, which is where PMB’s Slinger came in.

The PMB Solution

Our Slinger Truck is designed for exactly this type of situation and proved the perfect solution for this project. Arriving on the site already loaded, we were able to ‘sling’, or install, the soil over the front wall, directly into the front yard. This meant no wheelbarrows and no extra labour or time required from the SGDP team. 

The Result

The entire 9m3 soil delivery was successfully installed within 30-minutes, saving the client time and money and, importantly, removing any chance of costly damages to the wall or surrounding hardscaping elements.   By using PMB for this part of the project, SGDP completely removed the hours of labour that would have been required for the works to be completed by hand – giving them more time to focus their skills on installing the garden design itself.   

Could our Slinger Truck be the right solution for your project? 

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