Large-Scale Soil Install on Multi-Storey Car Park Roof

  • Client: Environmental Industries (on behalf of CIVMEC)
  • Location: Henderson
  • Budget: $45,000-$55,000
  • Date: March 2020
  • Service: Soil Blowing
  • Product: Soil

The Project

Commercial landscape construction & maintenance provider, Environmental Industries, was contracted by CIVMEC to install large, planter box garden beds on the roof of their new, multi-story car park building in Henderson. Due to the large amount of soil required and the complexity of the roof-top location, Perth Materials Blowing was brought in to assist Environmental Industries and take over the soil install for the project.

The Challenge

As weight restrictions on the structure meant that no machinery could be driven up to the edge of the planter box, this is where the unique capabilities of our blower trucks provide the ideal solution. Rather than requiring teams of labourers to spend days bringing in soil by wheelbarrows – their only safe option with the building’s weight restrictions – they chose to bring us in to minimise costs and risk, while significantly reducing the work for their teams.

The PMB Solution

In order to meet the weight requirements, we were able to set-up approximately 120m of pipe from our blower truck to access the planter box, which enabled all of our machinery to stay off the structural slab. As the Perth Materials Blowing trucks were also able to reload on-site during the installation process, we were able to supply and install approximately 500m3 of soil in only three days.
Not only did this save the EI team from loading and installing over 5,000 wheelbarrows of soil by hand, but it saved them from having to push each of those barrows on the trip from the nearest machine-trafficable location – about 100m away. That’s about 1,000km-worth
of pushing and hard labour that we were able to accomplish in three days, without using a single wheelbarrow.

The Result

High-quality soil installed safely in a potentially difficult location and in record time by the Perth Materials Blowing team. All works for CIVMEC were completed ahead of schedule, on- budget and with zero safety breaches. Environmental Industries was able to meet their client’s requirements, their teams saved days of back-breaking labour and all parties were more than happy with the results.

Can we help?

If you require rooftop soil installation or are looking for a way to install soil or mulch easier, faster and with less effort, contact the Perth Materials Blowing team today for more information on how our blow-in mulch and soil services can help.

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