Large-Scale Soil & Mulch Installation In Jandakot

  • Location: Jandakot
  • Client: LD Total
  • Budget: $40,000-$50,000
  • Date: October, 2020
  • Services: Slinger, Mulch Blowing
  • Product: Mulch

The Project

A run-of-the-mill commercial landscaping project: LD Total was hired by the builder to complete the landscaping for the new Western Diagnostic Pathology site in Jandakot. A reasonably large site, soil conditioner and mulch was required to be spread across an area of approximately 5,000m2.

The Challenge

Bulk delivery, stockpiling and spreading of mulch or soil-conditioner wasn’t an option on this project. The risk of damage being caused to the new asphalt was too high to justify stockpiling materials on-site, so an alternative solution was sought.

The PMB Solution

Using our Slinger and Blower Trucks, Perth Materials Blowing was able to meet all project requirements. PMB delivered and installed all of the bulk materials required for this project in the following stages:

Stage 1: Soil Conditioner

Over 200m3 of soil conditioner was delivered and installed across the site using both our Slinger and Blower trucks.  The soil conditioner installation took around 2.5 days to complete, with PMB reloading directly at the supplier for maximum time efficiency.

Stage 2: Mulching

Approximately 2 weeks later, after the irrigation system had been completed and the trees had been installed, PMB returned to the site to install over 300m3 of pine bark mulch. Working from our bulk storage yard in Wattleup, PMB’s blower truck was able to quickly and efficiently install the mulch across the finished gardens. All mulch was installed to the required depth, while the works were also completed without any conflict with the other trades working on-site. All smaller plant-stock were installed after mulching, ensuring that the works were completed in the most efficent manner possible.

The Result

Completed on-time, on-budget, and with zero incidents, this project was a real success. Using PMB’s Slinger and Blower trucks to their full potential, all products were swiftly and expertly installed.

What the client has to say…

“The PMB team supplied and installed over 500m3 of soil conditioner and pine bark mulch for us in Jandakot. The process was extremely efficient and precise, zero damage and mess onsite with their preloading options, and gave us the flexibility to work around other trades on a busy site.  The professionalism and great attitude of all the staff at PMB make them the only option for these tricky jobs!

– Josh T, LD Total

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