Topsoil & Mulch Installation – Reid Hwy Duplication

  • Client: Decmil Southern
  • Location: Reid Highway Duplication, Caversham
  • Budget: $40,000-$50,000
  • Date: July-September, 2020
  • Services: Mulch Blowing, Slinger Services
  • Product: Mulch

The Project

Perth Materials Blowing was contracted to assist with the remedial and revegetation works at the completion of the Reid Hwy Duplication project. As a major civil construction project, this involved the large-scale installation of mulch by blower truck, and topsoil/mulch blend by Slinger. Embankments on both sides of the Arthur Street bridge required significant mulching works, to a total of 800m3, along with the installation of topsoil on either side of the Public Shared Pathway and the centre median of Reid Highway. 

The Challenge

The locations of this project added a level of difficulty, being directly beside the busy Reid Highway, on both sides of a public bicycle path and the centre median – behind traffic barriers. It also required large quantities of a range of materials that needed to be installed in numerous locations where access for traditional machinery was severely limited.

Scope of works:

  • 800m3 of mulch: installed by blowing trucks.
  • Topsoil/mulch blend, crushed limestone, and mulch: installed by slinger truck. 

All works needed to be compliant with all OHS requirements for the site, with materials spread evenly across all locations, completed to deadline and to a high standard while minimising impact to traffic/pedestrians. 

The PMB Solution

To meet the challenge of installing mulch on the embankments, the PMB blower truck was the ideal solution for evenly installing the large quantities of mulch in a tricky location with restricted access. Our blower truck was able to safely park upward of 100m away from the installation location while installing approximately 120m3 of mulch per day on-site.

When it came to spreading the topsoil on the PSP embankments and centre median, PMB’s slinger truck was an excellent option for these works – especially in regard to safely accessing the median with its location behind the traffic barriers. With our single slinger truck, PMB replaced the two or three individual machines which would otherwise be required to complete these works – using traditional methods. Our slinger truck could load at the stockpile, transport the topsoil to the install location and spread the material swiftly and evenly, even driving forward whilst completing the works. With our ability to reload at a central stockpile, even while spreading the material at approximately 50mm deep, Perth Materials Blowing were able to install up to 240m3 of blended topsoil per day on-site.

The Result

All locations were safely and evenly spread with the required materials, with works completed on-time, below budget and to a standard that exceeded that which would be provided by traditional methods of installation. As this was a civil construction project, with all the applicable OHS requirements, PMB’s high-quality SWMS & JHA documents made the risk-assessment process as easy as possible and our teams remained compliant throughout the project.

Most importantly, Decmil Southern was pleased with the speed, quality, and capabilities of the PMB team and the overall project results.

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