From a well-loved pool to a versatile backyard space | Filling your old pool with soil has never been so easy.

  • Client: private resident
  • Location: Dianella
  • Budget: $8,000
  • Date: April 2022
  • Service: Soil Blowing

The Project

This client’s old, much-loved swimming pool was looking a little worse for wear. Instead of throwing up their hands, they decided to transform their space using a touch of creativity. 

To get it done quickly and expertly, they gave our team at PMB a call.

With PMB’s help, the client planned to decommission the pool, fill the pool with sand and transform the area into a combination of modern decking and a lush garden — perfect for outdoor entertaining in the warmer months.

The Challenge

Backyard access is always a challenge, and this job was no different. This home’s backyard could only be accessed by going through a carport, down a side footpath, up a set of steps and over a wall, adding up to around 40m. 

Although many might have been tempted to dump some dirt in the pool and call it a day, PMB wanted to deliver the best result possible for a sophisticated backyard renovation.

This presented a unique challenge. The client required a mix of compactable sand to go under the new decking, as well as a high-quality soil mix to help the new garden grow. 

With around 35m3 of material required and very little storage space on-site, installing this material by labourers would have been a huge challenge.

Our Solution

PMB are the experts at installing landscaping materials effortlessly, even with zero storage space or difficult access. 

We made this project easy, with our blower and slinger trucks doing the hard work.

Reloading – We arrived on-site loaded, and reloaded directly at our suppliers, meaning there was no need to have any sand or soil dumped on-site.
Access – Unlike labourers, our blower truck doesn’t mind if the access is difficult. Providing there is enough access to allow the hose to run through to the swimming pool, our class-leading machinery will be able to assist. Upstairs, down-hill, over walls – it doesn’t matter worry us.
Precision – We take great care in delivering an excellent outcome: Installing the sand and soil exactly where it needs to be, and managing the clean-up afterwards.

With our professional team and class-leading machinery on the job, this installation was a cinch!

The Result

The PMB crews worked seamlessly, leaving the client with a well-laid sand and soil foundation for the garden/decking project they had planned. With the clean-up included, these works were completed in less than 10-hours.

PMB takes pride in giving our clients a hassle-free, professional experience from installation to clean up — our client was thrilled with the result!

Professional landscaping with PMB

At PMB, we can supply, deliver and install landscape materials for any project — whether it’s commercial landscaping, local government works or making your backyard makeover a little easier. Stress-free from start to finish, we take pride in giving our clients only the best results.

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