Slinger Backfill in Mosman Park: An Impossible Project Made Easy

The Project

Perth Materials Blowing was contacted by the luxury home builder, Adrian Zorzi, regarding one of their projects in Mosman Park. In order to continue with the build, they needed help backfilling a tricky section of the property, requiring a total of 40m3 of fill sand.

The Challenge

During the build, a large void had been created through the construction of multiple levels of retaining walls. Due to its hillside location, access to the top of the retaining walls was very restricted, making it difficult to backfill the void in preparation for the new swimming pool to be built. 

Choosing between calling PMB or getting a large delivery of bulk-bags of sand and installing via crane… was easy.

The PMB Solution

Thanks to our Slinger Truck, we were able to solve this problem for our client fast and efficiently.

Loading directly at our supplier, our Slinger Truck removed the need for any on-site stockpiling of sand. Parking on a spare block to the side of the job site, the Slinger was able to ‘throw’ the sand around 20m to install it exactly where it was required along the back of the property. The sand was then compacted in appropriate layers while the Slinger Truck reloaded at the supplier, ensuring that the works were completed quickly and efficiently in the course of a single day. 

The Result

As the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective option, the Slinger was the perfect solution for this project.

The building works were able to continue without issue or delay and the client saved both time and money – an ideal result for all involved.

Can we help?

If you are looking for a faster and more cost-effective solution than bulk-bags, or are working with a tricky location on your next project, contact the Perth Materials Blowing team today for more information on how our blow-in mulch, sand, and soil services can help.

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