Streetscape Mulching Made Easy

  • Location: Spearwood Ave, Beeliar
  • Client: A Proud Landmark (contractor to the City of Cockburn)
  • Date: September 2020
  • Service: Mulch Blowing
  • Product: Mulch

Working for A Proud Landmark on behalf of the City of Cockburn, PMB recently completed the installation of pine bark mulch on each side of Spearwood Ave between Beeliar Dr and Bluebush Ave, Beeliar.
PMB’s blower truck was the clear choice for this project given the work-process challenges involved with this project, including:

  1. Traffic management
  2. Stockpile management

Formal traffic management is a significant cost for most streetscape projects that require the closure of a road. Indeed, the cost of closing a major road is even greater, with time restrictions on works contributing to making traffic-managed works quite expensive.

However, PMB’s Operations Team completed this entire project quickly and safely, without affecting the flow of traffic along Spearwood Ave. We were able to work from the residential streets backing onto the road-reserve, removing any need for formal traffic management, or for working within a low-traffic window.

The ability for PMB to manage reloading at our own premises contributed to the timely completion of this project. Located in Wattlup, PMB can store large volumes of material and reload at this site for no additional cost. Using this opportunity, PMB was able to install approx. 120m3 of mulch per day, all while reloading in a safe, non-public location.

Thorough planning, project coordination, and class-leading machinery enabled PMB to deliver a high-quality, low-cost solution that exceeded A Proud Landmark’s expectations.

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