80m3 of Softfall Playground Mulch Installed in 2 Hours for Kings Park Playground

  • Client: MG Group
  • Location: Stickybeaks Playground, Kings Park
  • Budget: <$5,000
  • Date: July 2021
  • Services: Mulch Blowing Playgrounds

The Project

As part of the upgrade of Stickybeaks Playground in Kings Park, MG Group required 80m3 of pine chip softfall mulch to complete the renovations of this popular playground. Due to access issues and the need for efficiency, PMB was called to provide specialist delivery and installation.

The Challenge

Accessing this playground using traditional machinery was a real challenge. Since the Stickybeaks Playground is completely fenced in, and the surrounding turf needed to remain undisturbed by machinery, traditional mulch installation methods weren’t possible. In addition, space limitations did not allow stockpiling of materials onsite. 

To make things even more challenging, concrete pours and other works were also being completed onsite, meaning that efficiency and precision were key to avoid delaying other aspects of the renovation.

Our Solution

PMB brought both state-of-the-art blower trucks onsite, already preloaded with all 80m3 of softfall mulch required. This preparation eliminated the need to reload, saving valuable time and creating minimal disruption.  

We rolled out approx. 80m of hose to install the mulch, saving MG Group teams from having to wheelbarrow it in by hand. Not only that, but our pneumatic system provided the precision needed to avoid disturbance or damage to surrounding materials. 

Thanks to proper planning and efficient use of our specialised blower trucks, we completed the job in just 2 hours. You won’t get that result from any other method of installation!

The Result

PMB completed an efficient, non-intrusive delivery/installation, resulting in an extremely satisfied client and Stickybeaks Playground ready for play with softfall, non-toxic mulch. This means a safer environment for all children visiting Kings Park.

Can we help you?

PMB helps schools and councils create safe, fun playgrounds for children across Perth. All the softfall materials we install for outdoor play areas are fully compliant with Australian standards — clean, natural and non-toxic to keep the kids safe while they play. 

If you’re looking for an easy, efficient and safe way to install soil or mulch in playgrounds, rooftops, or other complex spaces, contact us today for more information about our blow-in mulch and soil services.