Streetscape Mulching: High Traffic Areas? No Problem for PMB

  • Client: City of Bayswater
  • Location: Morley Rd/Tonkin Hwy intersection
  • Budget: $25,000-$30,000
  • Date: June 2021
  • Services: Mulch Blowing
  • Product: Mulch

The Project

In June 2021, PMB was brought in to complete significant mulching works for a large area of garden bed within the Morley Dr/Tonkin Hwy roundabout. Steep, revegetated embankments required mulching to manage significant soil erosion and prepare for the installation of new tubestock.
PMB were able to supply & install 270m3 of Marri Wood Chip in just two days – while carefully working around mature vegetation. 

The Challenge

In addition to the steep terrain and the need to protect existing vegetation, the project’s location in the center of a busy roundabout added an extra layer of difficulty. Heavy traffic posed a logistical and safety risk. 

Steep embankments meant our team also had to troubleshoot to avoid the risk of soil collapse during the installation of 270m³ of mulch – an operational challenge that only PMB, and our specialised blower trucks, could handle effectively.

Not only that, the work had to be completed urgently, so new tubestock could be established before winter rains set in.

The PMB Solution

PMB’s teams completed the work smoothly thanks to our skills, experience, and machinery. 

Access isn’t a problem with the right equipment! We employed our trucks (fitted with specialised, long-reach hosing) to reach up the 75m embankment. Our operators are well-trained to protect existing vegetation by adjusting the speed/level of mulch installation. 

Heavy traffic made the site tricky. Fortunately, our trucks were able to park more than 3m away, eliminating the need for formal traffic management.

We love larger projects like this one — our small truck holds 30m³ of mulch, while our larger truck holds 50m³. With both on the job, we were able to install 190m³ in a single day.

Finally, PMB teams performed a thorough site clean-up, including uncovering groundcovers and blowing around larger shrubs. And all of this was completed without impacting traffic flow!

The Result

PMB delivered a standout result. All works were completed on time, on budget and to an exemplary standard. Now the area is tidy, the plants are ready for healthy growth with quality mulch in place.

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